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About me

Hi! I'm Dani, a glass artist in Cincinnati, Ohio.  I dream up creations in glass pendants, ornaments, and entertainment-ware - or what I call functional art.  All items are crafted by me from "scratch" - I produce the glass pieces from the raw materials.

How do I do it?

I use a process called fusing.  Fusing involves heating the glass to very high temperatures in a kiln to melt it followed by careful cooling to minimize stress and impart some strength.    

Getting a piece ready to be fused in the kiln starts with cutting pieces of glass 

The cut glass pieces are arranged on a prepared kiln shelf and fired with carefully controlled heating and cooling.

When the firing cycle is finished, usually 24 hours later, you have fused, shiny glass treasures!

Interested in something special for yourself or a special someone?  

This YouTube video shows a similar process for creating bowls and dishes. 

 Where do I do all this?

Cutting and designing pieces are mostly accomplished in my home workshop.  Final arranging and cutting is done at Brazee Street Studios.  I use their kilns to fire the pieces.  If you are interested in learning to work with glass, Brazee is a great place to get started.